Proceedings of Robophilosophy 2020

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The book „Culturally Sustainable Social Robotics“ (eds. Marco Nørskov, Johanna Seibt, and Oliver Santiago Quick) was published in December 2020 by IOS Press. From the publisher’s information: „Robophilosophy conferences have been the world’s largest venues for humanities research in and on social robotics. The book at hand presents the proceedings of Robophilosophy Conference 2020: Culturally […]

An Empathic Voicebot

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Social robots are robots that come close to animals and humans, interact and communicate with them. They reproduce characteristics of animals and humans in their behavior and appearance. They can be implemented both as hardware robots and as software robots. The SPACE THEA project should have already started in March 2020. Because of COVID-19 it […]

Results of the HUGGIE Project

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In the first part of the HUGGIE project initiated by Oliver Bendel, two students of the School of Business FHNW conducted an online survey with almost 300 participants. In the management summary of their bachelor thesis Ümmühan Korucu and Leonie Stocker (formerly Leonie Brogle) write: „The results of the survey indicated that people have a […]

Wahlmodul zu sozialen Robotern

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An der Hochschule für Wirtschaft FHNW wird ab Herbstsemester 2021 das Wahlmodul „Soziale Roboter“ angeboten. Es steht WirtschaftsinformatikerInnen und BetriebsökonomInnen offen. Dozent ist Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel. Das Wahlmodul „Soziale Roboter“ klärt Grundbegriffe und -konzepte, stellt den Zusammenhang zwischen der sozialen Robotik und anderen Disziplinen (Künstliche Intelligenz, Maschinenethik, Künstliches Bewusstsein) her, nennt Beispiele sozialer Roboter […]

Conference on Entertaining Robots

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The topic of the 12th International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR 2020) is „Entertaining Robots“, which is meant to be – according to the organizers – a play on words signifying that robots can serve as captivating social agents but also suggesting the challenges associated with managing these artifacts. „In the near future robots will […]

The Silence of the Lambs

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In May 2020 the media was interested in a video by Rocos showing a robot from Boston Dynamics trying to be a shepherd dog. You could see the artificial quadruped running towards a flock of sheep. “Now, it’s clear that the video is mostly a fun teaser rather than a serious claim by Rocos (or […]

Care Robots: Experiences from Practice

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The paper „Co-Robots as Care Robots“ by Oliver Bendel, Alina Gasser and Joel Siebenmann, accepted at the AAAI 2020 Spring Symposium „Applied AI in Healthcare: Safety, Community, and the Environment“, can be accessed via From the abstract: „Cooperation and collaboration robots, co-robots or cobots for short, are an integral part of factories. For example, […]

Listen to SPACE THEA

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Space travel includes travel and transport to, through and from space for civil or military purposes. The take-off on earth is usually done with a launch vehicle. The spaceship, like the lander, is manned or unmanned. The target can be the orbit of a celestial body, a satellite, planet or comet. Man has been to […]

A Hug by a Robot

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The first phase of the HUGGIE project will start at the School of Business FHNW in March 2020. Oliver Bendel was able to recruit two students from the International Management program. The project idea is to create a social robot that contributes directly to a good life and economic success by touching and hugging people […]

Will Cozmo be Back?

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According to The Robot Report, Anki’s little robots might be making a comeback. Digital Dream Labs in Pittsburgh acquired the patents, trademarks, and domain. The start-up company „is planning to revive and manufacture more units of each product in the following order: Overdrive, Cozmo, Vector“ (The Robot Report, 26 December 2019). Digital Dream Labs founder […]